My favourite moisturiser!


MooGoo – Udder Cream
When I first started pharmacy I was seriously needing an amazing moisturiser, mainly for my elbows and knees. I came across the MooGoo range and fell utterly and totally in love with their cute packing and the fact that they’re an Australian owned company! Their products are 100% natural and chemical free and, their story on how they came across ‘inventing’ their products is really quite interesting so I will definitely link it at the end for you! I’ve used multiple of their products but I have fell in love with their ‘Udder Cream’ which is an all round moisturiser for your face and body. At first I was only using it on my legs and arms etc. but than I ran into a problem after using a certain face product that caused me to have outrageously dry skin, so I thought why the heck not use this as a face moisturiser as well and well… yep I’m in love. There is no other product that I would talk of so highly of or recommend other than this one.

MooGoo Website;

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